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by switching to LillyPads™ designed by Lady for Lady

Do you know where your pads go every month ? 

If you’re tired of contributing to landfills, want to protect your body and save money, these are the Reusable menstrual pads you need. 

LillyPads™ Comfy Reusable Menstrual PadsOvernight LillyPads™Lillybag™ Smellproof Wet Bag

2020 Collection

Our Comfy Reusable Menstrual Pads

Made with ultra-soft bamboo, which is ultra-absorbent, odor-free, and washable, these pads offer the convenience and functionality of a traditional pad without the high costs and waste.

Day Protections Night Protections

Who is it for?

If you are a woman who cares about the environment and her health you are in the right place. The oceans are filled with plastic waste.
It's why our LillyPads are guarantee 100% Plastics free and toxic free. 

There is no planet B, act now!

And help us to avoid 400 plastic pads every year by woman !


Our core values

Guarantee Full Protection

Take care of your health

100% Plastic Free

Donation to SCORA Kenya

We use 5% of our profits to ship our products to SCORA Kenya to offer a cosy period to a woman who needs it.

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