LillyPads™ Comfy Reusable Menstrual Pads

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STOP putting gross stuff inside of your body!

Available sizes for all types of flow... Bye Bye Stained Panties!


- Absorbs 3 tampons worth of fluid.
- Guaranteed full-protection for 8H.
- Daytime discreet protection.


- Absorbs 4 tampons worth of fluid.
- Guaranteed full-protection for 10H.
- Anytime discreet protection.

Super Heavy

- Absorbs 5 tampons worth of fluid.
- Guaranteed full-protection for 12H.
- Anytime protection offering EXTRA comfort for the most peaceful day & nights.

LillyPads are the new green way to period.


Step 1

After each use, rinse with cold water until water runs clear.

Step 2

Machine wash at 30C°.
(It's that simple!)

Step 3

Hang and let dry.
Congrats! You've already saved the planet from 1 plastic waste.

EMPOWER yourself by breaking this endless unfair money-wasting cycle.

Questions & Answers

Simply, snap it under your underwear, very well fixed, it will stay in place in your panty.

1. Ultrasoft Bamboo Fabrics:
✓ Anti-bacterial and super comfy, even for the most sensitive skins.

2. AbsorbPlus Technology, conceived with 3 layers of Bamboo Microfibers:
✓ The end of the ‘stinky odors’, giving a fresh, dry and clean feeling.

3. Unique LeakyStop PUL fabric innovation:
✓ 100% water-proof , no leaks guaranteed even during the heaviest flow days.

They are designed with our special ultra-thin GhostProtect layers technology that makes it invisible through your clothes.
You can wear them under tight jeans, skirts, and leggings.

Plus, the bamboo fiber absorbs the odor. Enjoy!

Yes! Because their breathable materials evacuate the sweat and prevent heat for extreme comfort.