Donation to SCORA KENYA

We Give Away LillyPads and Money to SCORA.

We at YourCosyShop are passionate about the health and well-being of all women. We know that it’s hard to find much-needed products that are reusable, free from chemicals, and safe for the environment. (Not to mention leak-free and virtually invisible through clothing.)

Our main goal is to expand our reach and provide our products to all women everywhere. To serve those who desire and need a safe, reusable, dignified alternative.


And that’s why we chose to work with SCORA. By accepting more than just monetary donations, SCORA gave us the peace of mind in knowing our LillyPads would go to the women and girls who needed them the most. Reusable pads that will ensure they will never run out of the protection they need during their monthly cycle.


By working with SCORA, we are supporting a cause that encompasses the challenges these women go through on a daily basis. 

Your Purchase Helps Others Receive Our LillyPads!

Look. We are not meant to be naturally harmful. We shouldn’t require toxic chemicals, compromising positions, fear, or lack. 


Being a woman should not mean being “less than.” 


Being a woman means being a unique and equal human being. And as such, we as women can – and should – be provided with the things we need most: dignity, safety, good health, and protection. To be comfortable in our skin, confident with our bodies, and celebrated for who we are and what we can do. 


We at YourCosyShop are helping to end the stigma. We’re collaborating to create a safe, empowered environment for all girls and women to be educated about the beautiful nature of themselves. We’re arming girls with the reusable pads that support them on their life’s journey.


That’s why for every LillyPad purchase, we donate 5% of our profits to help SCORA reach those in Kenya who are marginalized and need our help. 


Our commitment to women’s empowerment is why we provide you with the best, research-based products and information. So you can live knowing you are making the most informed decisions for yourself. And now you can make an informed purchase knowing that you, too, are empowering others.


That’s strong. That’s powerful. And that’s absolutely beautiful.