LillyBag™ Smellproof Wet Bag

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An Essential Accessory to Bring your LillyPads Everywhere, Anytime.

When using your LillyPads™, it's so convenient to have these two waterproof and smell-proof Lillybags at hand. The small one to store your used LillyPads when you are at work and the bigger one to keep your clean LillyPads at home.

Question & Answer:

What's the size of my LillyBag?

- Small size (one pocket) - 28*30cm :  It can contain up to 10 LillyPads
- Big Wet Bag (two pockets) - 30*36cm. It can contain up to 20 LillyPads.

Can I use it as a wash bag for my LillyPads?

You can also use your LillyBag as a wash bag!

How to wash my LillyBag?

Moreover, Lillybag is easy to wash because it is machine washable. (30C°)