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Overnight LillyPads™
Overnight LillyPads™
Overnight LillyPads™

Overnight LillyPads™

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The stress of leaks, stained sheets, and mattress redemptions will be behind you, Night LillyPads™ were created by women for women, to offer us sweet night even during our period.  

The material: Outer: PUL waterproof material, Middle: 2 layers microfiber, Inner: organic bamboo. 

All of the materials are guaranteed without chemical products. 

Heavy flow or light flow? Now you don't need to think about it. Night LillyPads are created to absorb twice more than traditional pads. Full protection all night long.

Thanks to the snap, Night LillyPads™ stay in place in the panty. They are designed small enough so you don't feel them, in addition to the bamboo fiber which is so sweet and so comfortable that you don't notice wearing it

Problems with leaks and odors can cause stress, during periods this can be the cause of painful cramps.  So we made the Night LillyPads completely water-proof and smell-proof so you will sleep with a free mind.

Easy to use and easy to wash:  

The machine wash needs to be at 30°C

The anti-bacterial bamboo fiber of the LillyPads is there to avoid infections, allergies, skin rashes, and toxic shock syndromes, caused by disposable tampons.

Good for you, good for the planet! 

Most women use on average 400 plastic pads every year. The oceans are filled with plastic waste. We had to do something, to avoid a lot of unnecessary waste in the environment.

Can you help us to do better ? Night LillyPads are a guaranteed plastic-free solution.

Who is it for? 

If you are a woman who cares about the environment and her health you are in the right place.

Night LillyPads are perfect for new moms looking for more comfort post-pregnancy and not willing to wear a diaper.

And this is perfect for everyone looking for an incontinence solution, with the absorption of its bamboo fiber you will feel dry.

                       Questions & Answers:

How long can I use these?
You can use Night-LillyPads™ during at least 3 years. You can save unnecessary expenses in plastics pads.

Will it show through my clothes?
You can also wear Night LillyPads during the day, it is designed with ultra-thin layers so it won’t show through your clothes, even if they are longer.

Will it protect me all night long?
Yes, of course, full protection for 12 hours. Have sweet dreams!

How is it made?
Like regular LillyPads, It is made with 2 fabrics, bamboo fibers that absorb twice more than traditional pads and the other side which is fully liquid-proof (PUL fabrics).

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